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Forever Boutique Availability -

Display Space

Are you a small business who specialises in bespoke, unique handcrafted products? Would you love to display your work in a beautiful popular boutique?.... Yes? Then Forever Boutique could be just what your business has been looking for!


Forever Boutique offers display space to small businesses to enable them to showcase their beautiful items to a wider audience within a busy retail environment.


Forever Boutique takes no commission from sales earned, and charges a small flat rate per week, with a minimum rental period of 4 weeks.


Forever Boutique accepts businesses  to display within the boutique from all over the United Kingdom and most EU countries (please contact us prior to applying if you are applying from outside the UK).


The Boutique offers various forms of display space covering shelf, wall and floor. 

Shelf space applications, please see the below Terms and Conditions and application forms.

For Wall and Floor space applications please contact us prior to applying, due to limited availability.



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